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Welcome to the "Planeta Azul" website! An artistic project that consists of three areas: A Musical, Nature Videos and the Soundtrack of both. 

Since 2006, step by step, I have been developing this project which aims to raise awareness, motivate and generate new human behaviors related to the care and protection of our only home, the Blue Planet (as named by astronauts). 

Everything depends on everything for life to exist. This is what the phrase "If you live, I live" represents! (Si tú vives, yo vivo).

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I am constantly recording and editing new nature videos and taking new photographs, as well as composing the music for it. I invite you to follow my work, leaning on my creative desk at Ko-Fi! 


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The Musical

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The Musical


 National Enviroment Award 2015

CHILE / El Mercurio, Recyclápolis Fundation,

Universidad Católica de Chile




A story about 
the urgency of changing
our behaviors and
taking care of planet earth.

Tierra y espacio



"Somewhere in the universe you live"

The set of the musical is made up of high resolution screens in different positions onstage. Depending on the scene, nature and other videos are shown during the show. You can watch several of them on the YouTube channel or in Ko-Fi. 

Music, theater, dance, singing, audiovisual, photography, lighting, makeup, costumes and masks.

Music composed by

Keko Yunge

Images recorded and edited by

Keko Yunge


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